Girls with strong roots 


We all love a good platinum blonde, that childlike empress long shiny blonde hair stuck with me when I watched The Neverending Story. This look is the epitome of high maintenance; it's dry, it's fragile, but we love it. Here's a few tips for those of us who will take on the extra work for some awesome hair. 

We recommend getting those roots touched up every 4 weeks to avoid that not so angelic yellow halo that appears when you have anything past a quarter inch of regrowth.

A purple toned shampoo will keep it from getting brassy inbetween sessions.  

A great moisturizing mask will help keep the condition of your hair from looking like a witch's broom.  

A leave in conditioner to help detangle and lock that moisture in for every day use. 

Be good to your hair, after all, it is your crowning glory.