Some people are afraid of change, others embrace it, some do it during bad times and some are spontaneous about it. Whatever reason, a change in hair is a great way to help evolve someone's personal style. 


Here we have Nico who hadn't done any color in her hair in 5+ years, for a hairdresser this is considered a unicorn, rarely do we ever find a virgin head of hair wanting a drastic color change. 


So what did we do?

Foil highlighted every strand of her dark dark hair, leaving a bit of root, once we got her strands to that pale yellow we rinsed and toned.


We used different shades of blue, violet and teal to make a custom, as she calls it, "cosmic space Bambi"  look.


Check out her hair experience over on her personal blog

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Not surprised by the legendary Debbie Harry chopped lob making a comeback. Last year we were all in a mermaid/long hair daze but for 2015 we are ready for the chop.


We've seen a few complaints from stylists thinking this cut won't last the test of time and outgrow into a shapeless one length, the trick is to add some interior layers and texture so that just the crown is kept at one length for those lines to show; or maybe even a soft undercut to keep the back from mulleting out. For those thick haired gals an undercut keeps it from being too heavy in the back.

Ask your stylist to wisp out the ends for a more disheveled rocker look.

The less work you put into this look the better it turns out, you may even get away with that extra day of dirty hair and that's why we love it.




Raise your hand if you actually love toussled, second day, textured hair! 

Do not be fooled though, even low maintenance hair needs a trim now and then, if you like go all natural and low maintenance opt for a textured layer to add some shape and movement.  

If you want to go the extra mile and try some product we recommend a salt pray applied to damp hair and let air dry, a texture powder or dry shampoo at the roots is great to add body and that lived in/bedhead feel.

Making a statement. Cut and color by Marisa.


If you dare to be bright you should know it's going to take some work to keep the color, we unfortunately haven't found permanent funky tones, but you can do a few things to prolong it from fading.

Add a few drops of the color you used to your shampoo and conditioner (added bonus, you now have an excuse not to share your precious sulfate free products!) and leave them in your hair a little longer when you use them.

Try using the coolest water when you wash, this will keep the cuticle closed and your color won't fade as fast.

Lastly, if possible, ask your stylist for a clear gloss or cellophane, this acts like a top coat to give you a few extra washes. 

Girls with strong roots 


We all love a good platinum blonde, that childlike empress long shiny blonde hair stuck with me when I watched The Neverending Story. This look is the epitome of high maintenance; it's dry, it's fragile, but we love it. Here's a few tips for those of us who will take on the extra work for some awesome hair. 

We recommend getting those roots touched up every 4 weeks to avoid that not so angelic yellow halo that appears when you have anything past a quarter inch of regrowth.

A purple toned shampoo will keep it from getting brassy inbetween sessions.  

A great moisturizing mask will help keep the condition of your hair from looking like a witch's broom.  

A leave in conditioner to help detangle and lock that moisture in for every day use. 

Be good to your hair, after all, it is your crowning glory.